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A Toast to the Globes

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As Eliza Flynn in James Joyce's The Sisters,

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Alejandro Monteverde, director of Bella, Little Boy,

and the upcoming Sound of Freedom.

As Dr. Frances Collins in Take Care. With Andre Jackson.

An interview in The Daily Bruin, April 2, 2018.


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Press Interviews

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Available for casting husband Jeff Harman.

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Welcome to my site! I've recently been cast as a political advisor, doctor, news director, anxious mom, news anchor, ambassador's wife, President of the United States, and conspiracy theory support group leader. I am based in Los Angeles. Vice, directed by Adam McKay, features me as Mary Matalin, Counselor to the Vice President. It stars Christian Bale, Steve Carell and Amy Adams. Lately I've been playing attorneys, and I often play moms, as recently in Shameless, Season 10, Episode 1, which aired November 10, 2019 on Showtime. I also played a mom in an episode on Solve, a new media crime mystery-solving show available soon on an app (this role may be recurring.) I played moms in the comedy Stacy's Mom and the drama The Program. See me as recurring characters in the upcoming seriesKing of K Street and Solve. I am currently shooting a feature for television and later this spring a procedural pilot.

My husband Jeff Harman and I own Conjunction, LLC, a production company. My son, Aidan Harman, is an actor and precision driver. You can find my profiles on IMDb, LACasting, Actors Access, Casting Frontier, Backstage, and Vimeo.

Roma Downey at

Catholics in Media Association Awards 2016

(From L to R) Camille Harman as Mary Matalin, Don McManus as David Addington, Eddie Marsan as Paul Wolfowitz, and Steve Carell as Donald Rumsfeld in Adam McKay’s VICE, an Annapurna Pictures release. Credit : Annapurna Pictures 2018 © Annapurna Pictures, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


Camille James Harman

Theatrical Agent:

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Available for casting, son

Aidan Harman.

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Manager: Shelley Pina

Golden Pineapple Management

(818) 333-5071

Commercial Agent: Noel Palm

Element Talent Agency

(310) 893-1894

Played Mary Matalin in Oscar winnerVice (2018)

Co-Star on Shameless (Season 10, Ep. 1)

Vice Squad: LA (Pilot, Scheduled for May 2021)

King of K Street, Solve series​​