Camille James Harman 

Actor, Writer, Journalist


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

William Shakespeare (whoever he was...)

Welcome to my site. I am a wife, mother, and actor. I am also a writer and person of faith. I bring a rich history and vast reservoir of experience to my acting. I have acted in Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Los Angeles. I am a true Southern Belle who can choose whether or not to turn on the charm. My husband Jeff Harman and I own Conjunction, LLC, a production company and consulting service. My teenaged son, Aidan Harman, is also an actor. 

I've been cast as a nun, vampire, swamp babe,  reporter, mom, and spokesperson. I am a petite, spunky, intellectual type...think Gillian Anderson meets Stockard Channing. My resume is below.

Clip from Busted, a short film. 

Camille James Harman

SAG Inactive

Height: 5'1"                                                                                             Contact:

Weight: 125                                                                                           (530)780-3050 cell

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green


​​Busted                                                            Co-Starring                  Conjunction/Jeff Harman
The Encounter                                               Co-Starring                  USC/Dir. Greg Bishop
Home Sick                                                      Starring                       UNO/Dir. Peter Ciardelli


​Silent Cries                                                     5 and Under               NBC/BBC, Dir. Anthony Page

Unsolved Mysteries                                      5 and Under               Cosgrove/Meurer Prod.

Under New Management                            Recurring                   Pilot Demo/Prod. Brandon Tartikoff

Circle of Confusion                                      Bettina (orig.)              Jim Metropole, Hollywood

Tony ‘n’ Tina’s Wedding                              Tina                              Starcastle, New Orleans
Richard III                                                       Lady Anne                   John Grimsly, New Orleans
Design for Living                                          Gilda                             University of New Orleans
A Midsummer Night’s Dream                     Hermia                         David Hoover, U. of New Orleans
What the Butler Saw                                    Mrs. Prentice               University of New Orleans
The House of Blue Leaves                          Little Nun                     University of New Orleans
The Threepenny Opera                                Polly Peachum           Tomie Myrick, U. of New Orleans
Les Liasons Dangereuses                           Cecile Volanges          Gayle Turner, Richmond,VA
The Playboy of the Western World           Sarah                             Michael Cahill, New Orlean

Assassins                                                     Emma Goldman           University of New Orleans
Saints for a Day                                           Peggy (orig.)                 Jim Fitzmorris, New Orleans
Ropeswing                                                  Krista (orig.)                  Randy Strawderman, Richmond
Hello, Dolly!                                                 Ermengarde                   Mill Hall Playhouse, PA
Brighton Beach Memoirs                          Nora                                Lee Playhouse, Ft. Lee, VA
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie               Sandy                              Lafayette Community Theatre, LA


K&B Drugs, Hibernia Bank, Magic Casino, NEC, Mississippi Gulf Coast Tourism, Music Video "Does Your Heart Still Break" dir. by Jonathan Treblitsky, Partizan, Ltd. 

MFA, Drama and Communications                                               University of New Orleans
Randy Strawderman                              Scene Study                    Richmond, VA
Kimberly Jentzen                                   Scene Study                    Los Angeles   
Jeff Sable                                                Scene Study                    Los Angeles
Eric Morris                                               Workshops                      Richmond, New York, L.A.

Dialects: British, Irish, Scottish, Southern, New York, French, Cajun, New Orleans
Languages: Some French, Latin (can read both well)
Skills: Stage Combat, Horseback Riding, Roller Skating, Swimming

Misc: Passport Current; Piercing-free; Tattoo-free

Photo Courtesy of Julie DeMarre

Photo Courtesy of Julie DeMarre