Camille James Harman 

Actor, Writer, Journalist


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

William Shakespeare (whoever he was...)

Welcome to my site. I am a wife, mother, and actor. I am also a writer and person of faith. I bring a rich history and vast reservoir of experience to my acting. I have acted in Louisiana, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Arizona and Los Angeles. I am a true Southern Belle who can choose whether or not to turn on the charm. My husband Jeff Harman and I own Conjunction, LLC, a production company and consulting service. My teenaged son, Aidan Harman, is also an actor. 

I've been cast as a nun, vampire, swamp babe,  reporter, mom, and spokesperson. I am a petite, spunky, intellectual type...think Gillian Anderson meets Stockard Channing. For my resume, click here.

Clip from Busted, a short film. 

Photo Courtesy of Julie DeMarre

Photo Courtesy of Julie DeMarre