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Camille James Harman

Journalist and Public Speaker Regarding
So-Called Alien Abduction

Camille James Harman, M.F.A., is a public speaker regarding the so-called, alien abduction phenomenon.  She was a contributing editor at UFO Magazine, where her articles were published from 2000-2004.

In December 1995, Camille was seemingly taken via a blue column of light from her bedroom in Los Angeles, California, and examined by other-dimensional beings. These events continued into 1996. At first, Camille worked with
regression therapists Barbara Lamb, MS, MFT, CH, and Yvonne Smith in California. She later worked with a variety of healers, and she believes spiritual warfare is the best defense. Camille has anomalous photographs of lights and bodily markings to support her case. In 1998, she traveled to England to experience the crop circle phenomenon.

Camille shares her personal story of investigating, healing and eliminating these experiences from her life. During this time she continued to have an acting career, while simultaneously catering Hollywood parties, substitute teaching kids, and working as a faux finisher in mansions and hotels. Eventually, she married and moved from Beverly Hills to Tucson, Arizona.

The confusion abductees or experiencers  face is a major theme of her discussion. Abductees must determine if they are part of a grand unifying plan of evolution or a horrifying dilemma of victimization. Camille describes the many
synchronicities and chance encounters that have happened as a result of her UFO experiences, and explains her process of sifting through all of the possible explanations for her experience, including ET, angelic, demonic, secret military, ritual abuse, and mind control.

Camille lives in Tucson, Arizona with her husband Jeff Harman, a professional astrologer, and their son. She and her husband own Conjunction Entertainment, a film production company. Camille has appeared on numerous television, radio and web shows speaking about her experiences. She was also interviewed by The Los Angeles Times and The Daily Mail. Camille has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Drama and Communications from the University of New Orleans and Bachelor of General Studies degree, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, both under her maiden name.


"In December 2012, I prayed for guidance in writing the conclusion of my paranormal memoir. My prayers were answered in a surprising way. I was guided to information that gave me answers to my questions. As of January 2013, I have returned to the Catholic Church. Years before the "aliens" started attacking me I successfully stopped a spiritual/physical event by commanding, 'Stop in the name of Jesus Christ.' I believe that had I been conscious during the 'alien' attacks, this technique would have worked again. I have recently determined for myself that the so-called aliens are demons who are trying to deceive the world into thinking that they are our creators and saviors. ANY INTERVIEWS I GAVE BEFORE 2013 REFLECT MY PREVIOUS BELIEFS. I am now on a path to reversion to Catholicism. It's a long road, but at least I'm on it."

Excerpt from Forthcoming Book (Visit my Contact Page to Receive Release Information)

Regression Transcript from April 15, 1997 with Yvonne R. Smith

Y: What are you sensing?

C: Big head!

Y: Okay. Camille, you're going to be just fine...

C: Big head!

Y: You see a big head? Okay, where's the big head?

C: Right in front of my head. It's like a little kid. (crying)

Y: It's like a little kid? Okay, Camille, tell me why it's like a little kid.

C: It's little. It's short. Low. It's right there. It's right there! (hysterical, directed to the being) What are you going to do to me?

Y: I'm going to touch your arm. I'm right here. Okay, listen to me, listen to my voice. Take a deep breath. Do you want to continue?

C: Yes!

Y: Okay, we're going to continue, and you're going to be able to describe…

C: (screaming at the being) I'm so mad at you!

Y: Okay, go ahead and tell it why you're mad.

C: You look like a little kid and you scare me. And you make me scared of little kids. You're not a little kid. It's just staring at me.

Y:  Okay go ahead and vent with it.

C:  (screaming) What are  you going to do to me? Oh! It's touching me. It's touching my forehead. (renewed hysterics, teeth chattering).

Y: Okay, Camille, remember, you came out of it safe. You're going to be fine. You're going to be fine. Just get through it, just verbalize it.

C: Oh, a little hand on my head! It's touching…it's stroking me.

Y: Okay, is he still touching you? Where's he touching you?

C: On my head. I'm going to be still. I'm going to be still.

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